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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transforming Bullies into Educators

Often times children with disabilities are misunderstood as well as misrepresented. Typically developing kids just don’t understand why kids with special needs do the things that they do and the lack of education results in bullying and name calling.
I believe that kindness, compassion and knowledge are lessons that must be permeated in the classroom in preschool and reinforced into continued education. If we are surrounded by
individuals who are a bit different for whatever the reason, be it a learning disability, a figurative disability or a speech impediment, combined with educators who can explain why their abilities may be different than the majority, the students will be better able to understand the differences rather than fear them. Knowing and understanding why a person may be different will more often discourage bullying and name calling and promote compassion. We need to intervene early enough by educating everyone, students and teachers alike. Changing the overall climate of the school is necessary to foster a profound impact on school bullying as well as educating children at an early age about how to interact with someone who has differences and by raising awareness and encouraging friendships. What can we do as a community to promote these essential components to build a better foundation for our kids to be able to live in a place of peace and harmony?


  1. Very true! There is an organization in New York that has actually developed curriculum that teaches kids about tolerance and educates about special needs including why kids with special needs do what they do.

  2. Really, That's great...do you know the name of the organization? I bet we could all learn a thing or two from them and maybe we could adapt a version of there curriculum for our own schools. thanks for the insight. I will try and research this. :)