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Monday, August 2, 2010

We had such a nice weekend with Hailey, I’m sure I sound like a broken record, I just enjoy her company so much, it is always my pleasure when she spends the night. We even got Grampy up at 6:00 a.m. to take us out to breakfast, even though he just went to sleep at 4:00a.m. Though she doesn’t really talk much, Hailey knows that all she has to do is give him that mischevious unbelievable smile of hers and he will do whatever she wants. She can play him like a fiddle. We spent the remainder of the day playing games and reading books, It is amazing how much Hailey still enjoys reading, after reading several books I would attempt to walk into the kitchen and start preparing dinner or cutting up fruit and Hailey will continuously follow me out there with another book in hand, her new thing is to get on her knees and thrust herself up on your legs.She totally wraps her arms around both of your legs, still holding on to that book and looking way up at you and smiling. After such effort and determination I have to stop dead in my tracks and bring her back into the living room and read more books. She can never get enough of them,and I can never get enough of her.
Last night when Christine came to teach us sign language, Hailey totally knocked her socks off. Of course Grampy was video taping us and she also likes to ham it up a bit. We mostly worked on our colors. We started with the book “Brown bear, brown bear what do you see” I narrated the book while Christine would show her each color in sign and Hailey would match each color inside the book with a small color square, she never even got one wrong! The high light of the night was when Hailey signed “Bear” each time she would sign “bear” Hailey would point outside, we had no idea what she was pointing to, at the end of the night, Christine brought the dogs inside (she brings two dogs with her each week, one dogs name is Lycos and the other is Teddy) The dogs come running inside very happy to be going home and Hailey smiled and
signed “BEAR” we didn’t get it that she was signing Teddy Bear! Now I wonder who is teaching who here?


  1. Janet - that sounds like amazing progress with signing! Way to go Hailey!

    Love the pic of her hanging on your leg and your description of how she tells you that she wants you to read more books to her. My boys love their books too and we are trying encourage that passion. Both my husband and I love to read...so hopefully the boys will be big readers too.

  2. Janet&Tom,

    It was wonderful spending the evening with Hailey! She is such an amazing girl and very determined! I feel lucky to have the opportunity to teach her sign. Thank you so much,