A place to show my love for my granddaughter who lives with Cerebral Palsy and my passion for painting. In an effort of raising awareness for C.P. every painting brush stroke I make on raw canvas is a stroke of love, as I discretely paint a green C.P. awareness ribbon in every piece. Can you find them?
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Exhibit

I am very Lucky to work with a great group of talented artists. On March 24th our 5 man show will go up at Cedar Grove Gardens and will stay up until April 7th. An opening reception will be held Thursday Night march 24th from 6:30-8:30p.m. This is a great collaboration of Artists and friends and we welcome you all to share with us in the fun for a glass of wine and hors devours.
Above are a few samples of our work and below are short statements/bios from each of us. If you enjoy looking at this work, I hope to see you on opening nights. If you know a friend who may enjoy this, please share this link with them as well. We really appreciate it!

Janet Harrold-oil
Growing up in Boston was a constant inspiration for me.
I love to paint the brownstones in the South End especially in the
spring time when the dogwood are in bloom.
Every brush stroke I make on raw canvas is a stroke of love, I paint to raise money and awareness for Cerebral Palsy. To own a painting by me is to own part of my passion. I am doing something that I love to do for someone that I love. Proceeds from my paintings go directly to my granddaughters alternative therapies. To signify the cause, any recent work will have a green Cerebral Palsy awareness ribbon placed discretely in the painting.

June Alexandra- stained glass
As a stained glass artist and floral designer, I am always working with the play of color, light, texture and design. The dearest things in my life have been flowers, trees and the dogs I live with so, naturally, most of my art is concerned with these subjects. I spend part of each day in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, MA communing with the trees, earth and sky and it is here that I find my inspiration. Nature has so much to teach

Mitchell Karas -oil and pastel
My paintings are based on my love for the natural world. They are my impressions of nature,beaches.marshes,gardens,forests,rivers and flowers. The images are a metaphor for my continuous struggle to find harmony and balance amidst the restless intensity of life. I am fortunate to be an artist because i can spend time exploring my feelings. I can look around and see the beauty in things and create more beauty from what i see.

Cat Thomson- oil
Painting has always been one of my favorite ways of expressing my inner world. It allows me to explore my emotions through the use of color and line, and I find it very freeing. Often, my paintings have been symbolic of events in my life, relationships or raw emotion. Recently, my works have focused on pieces of fiction, notably fairy tales, and their allegorical content.

Kristen Ahern- Photography

Emotion - that is my goal every time I pick up a camera and compose a shot.

It has taken me a long time to determine that photography is my life's love. After studying advertising and graphic design in college, I finally realized about 4 years ago that it was the art of photography that I needed to learn in order to start to speak to the world.
For me, a photograph is much more than a picture of something or someone. It is a visual representation of emotions, thoughts and moods. It is a way to speak without actually talking. Exploring a subject - whether a person or a thing - from all angles; revealing it's personality with light and color - this is always in my mind as I approach each subject.
Whether it's visually organizing a complicated scene to convey a message, or a simple, solitary subject emanating a mood, when I take a photograph that requires no words for explanation - I am in heaven.

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For more information on this exhibit you can contact:
Cedar Grove Gardens,
911 Adams St.
Dorchester, Ma. 02124
or email me www.harrold.janet@gmail.com


  1. You're a little too far away for me to make it to the exhibit, but congratulations, and I hope you have a lot of visitors to the exhibit.

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  3. I love your paintings! Are you selling the one of the irises? If so, how much are you asking? Also, do you paint from photographs? I'd love to have a painting done of my children! Thanks, Anne Zachry
    Please send me a message on my blog if you do! Thanks :)