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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Core Strength

I just love to spend Sunday afternoons with Hailey, we are not usually rushed for any particular reason. No school, no work...no worries. We can read as many books as Hailey wants to read, she loves to put about 10 books at a time on my living room chair and then come and get me to read them to her. She never tires of reading the same books over and over again. We watched movies together Dora and Tinkerbell. Hailey had to show me how to put the movies in the blue ray player, Grammie doesn’t have a clue how to work it. Thank goodness Hailey did.

Hailey has been accepted and will be attending The Conductive Learning Center In Michigan in May. We are very excited about this!
Because Conductive Education promotes development of the whole person, including physical, social, cognitively and psychological aspects, this intervention is not viewed as a traditional therapy but rather a multi disciplinary approach to improving the quality of life for children and their families. Hopefully Hailey will learn to gain control of her movements, increase her core strength and increase her level of independence. It may also help with potty training. The children and families who attend C.E. are taught problem solving skills that will allow them to develop unconventional ways of accomplishing motor tasks. Today we worked on core strength and neck and head control by sitting independently at this table that we fashioned out of a $7.99 ikea table and a towel holder that was bought at home depot. Hailey seemed to like sitting this way, but when she got excited she would let go of the bar, so of course she could not be left unattended. And of course, she still amazes me everyday!

If you have adapted any furniture in your home to help with core strength...please do share!


  1. That's awesome about CE in Michigan! So exciting! And LOVE the table with handle. What a great idea!!

  2. What an ingenious way to help Hailey with her core strength! How can we be so good at creating and so bad at operating technology? When I was staying with my granddaughter the other day, I couldn't work the TV at all, and she wanted to watch while she ate her cereal. We were reduced to watching YouTube on my iPhone!

  3. Thank You Ladies! Susan, I bet she didn't mind at all!

  4. That's AWESOME news for Hailey!! And, the table is a great idea! I hear you with the blue ray payer, LOL. I can't remember how to get my brother's fancy video set up to switch over, so we always have to use the TV only, haha.......
    Best wishes to you all, love you, Cathy

  5. So happy to hear about her acceptance. I know you all are on cloud nine with anticipation! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Cathy, Candace and Viktoria...Thank you for the support!

  7. Janet, it is great to see in the photographs how you are creating more ways to help Hailey.

    It looks like you are both doing really well.

    I look forward to reading about the family's expereinces in Michigan in May.

    Thanks for your snail-mail it arrived today!


  8. You will LOVE conductive Ed. We were there for 6 months and came home in April, bummed that we just missed you, I bet your daughter would have been in Daniels class. The parents and conductors are awesome. Where are you staying?

    Melanie from www.DanielSpranger.com