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Monday, April 4, 2011

ipad headrest

Well, it’s almost here...what is almost here you ask? May is almost here, May is when Hailey will be traveling to Michigan to go to her 4 week session of Conductive Education! I’m very excited, I know this will be good for Hailey it will challenge her and it will teach us how to help her to be a bit more independent. This is great right??? Then why am I so nervous? I think part of my anxiety is the long road trip. Because of the amount of equipment Hailey will need, and the expense of renting a car for 4 weeks etc.etc. The kids decided it would be better if they drive instead of fly. My son Tom thinks I am crazy for worrying about this kind of thing, but that’s what I do. I worry about things that others don’t, it is sometimes a blessing and most times a curse. It will take a total of about 14-15 hours to get there from here. I know, I know it isn’t that bad.
The plan is to take 2 days to get there stopping in between, maybe for a little sight seeing excursion or maybe just to get a good night sleep before continuing on the road.
The pictures above show the ipad headrest that Tom and Natalie purchased for the trip. What a great idea to pass the time for Hailey! She loves to play games on the ipad and this will allow her to watch movies on Netflix and listen to her music as well. This nifty accessory is designed to instantly turn her ipad into a rear-seat in car entertainment system. I like to think of it as a portable drive-in movie for Hailey. O.k, o.k. I am already getting less anxious thinking about what fun she will have with this. I bet the time will just fly by and they will be in Michigan before I even have time to worry.
Grampy and I plan on flying down to meet them there the last week and driving back with them. It will be an educational experience for us all. I bet the education doesn’t end when CE comes to a close in Michigan but continues on that long car ride home as Hailey teaches Grammy how to use the ipad.
For my special needs families who are thinking this is a must have for their car, this headrest is put out by siig and only costs about $30.00

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  1. What a cool device! I know you will be anxious while Hailey is gone, but just concentrate on how much she will be learning. It's great that you'll be able to join her for the end of her trip.