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Monday, April 11, 2011

To blog or not to blog...that is the question

Some may think this is good information while others may wonder why have I posted this video, now predators know how to locate you. Well, i'm from the school of "knowledge is power" I believe that the people who are sick enough to be able to do such a thing already have the knowledge and those of us who are not need the heads up.

I have always been leery about writing online about Hailey and posting photos etc. It initially drove me crazy when pictures of Hailey were on Facebook. Because I don't have the education about all of the technical jargon, it frightens me,I am paranoid. To justify my blogging and sharing Hailey's experience with the world I will try and put it into context. I believe in this big bad world we live in we have to be extremely careful with our children whether it be on the internet or in our schools, at the park, in the mall at the grocery store and in our own homes for that matter. I believe the "real world" is just as harmful as cyberspace. Child molesters and predators are lurking everywhere. More often than not it is someone who we trust. A creepy uncle, step dad, teacher, priest care taker, the list is endless. We worry about our children constantly, and we should. Bottom line is that I don't completely trust anyone ever. Keep your eyes open, use your head, listen to your child and if your child is non verbal be even more conscious of her surroundings and always, always listen to your gut instincts.
So that being said, I would like to share the many benefits that I have found from blogging. First of all, I always, always question my own decisions. I question writing this blog in general, I wonder if one day Hailey will be able to read this blog and think to herself "why would my Grammy put my story out there for the world to read" well, besides thinking that Hailey is just an amazing little girl or maybe it is because I can't help but see the sunshine in her beautiful smile. I truly believe that this blog and others like it benefit many people out there with disabilities, it connects parents who are being judged everyday by people who have no idea what they are going through, and it also raises awareness for people who have no idea at all about others who are living with special needs.
By blogging I have discovered resources for Hailey that we would not have discovered had it not been for the internet. Conductive Education is the perfect example, this is an alternative program that we believe will totally help Hailey on her road to independence. It is a program that we would not have heard about from her amazing doctors, therapists or teachers. Reading other blogs about other children in similar situations has educated me and inspired me. In return I am able to do the same for other families. I especially like reading about others who are older than Hailey and it helps to hear them say that despite the many challenges that you will face, despite how difficult things may become, you are not alone and things are going to be o.k.
If and when Hailey is able to read this one day, I hope she will realize that through her journey, she was able to help others along the way, both with her struggles and her triumphs, and that Grammy did this out of pure love for her.

If you are a special needs parent and care to share how blogging has helped you and your family, please share your comments, I would love to hear.

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  1. I am glad you share Hailey's story because I think it helps others feel like others understand and they are not alone...plus I just adore sweet Hailey :)