A place to show my love for my granddaughter who lives with Cerebral Palsy and my passion for painting. In an effort of raising awareness for C.P. every painting brush stroke I make on raw canvas is a stroke of love, as I discretely paint a green C.P. awareness ribbon in every piece. Can you find them?
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Greeting Cards

Growing up in Boston was a constant inspiration for me.
I love to paint the brownstones in the South End (especially in the
spring time when the Dogwood are in bloom), street scenes, traffic
lights, umbrellas,and most of all people. I love the human figure and
all of it's quirky imperfections. I need life in my work in order for it to
seem real. Recently I have taken some of my favorite Boston inspired paintings and made them into note cards, an additional fundraising effort to help send Hailey to Michigan again for another session of Conductive Education. I am honored to say that The Dana Farber Cancer Institute chose one of the images above(ducklings with the red sox hat) to help raise money for Cancer research and for patient care!:) It feels good knowing that my artwork is being used for such a good and worthwhile cause, just like it is being used to benefit Hailey. I am also proud to say that Cedar Grove Gardens is the first place to allow me to sell my cards, I must say that I enjoyed it very much to see a customer come in today and purchased 8 of them, she said she absolutely loved them! I eventually hope to also get them in to touristy type stores around Boston, they would be great sellers in a shop/cart in fanueil hall, hospital gift shops, stationary stores. etc. I would love to get them in the chain stores like The Paper Store or Hallmark etc. O.k., maybe that is being a bit too ambitious but you never know what could happen if they fall into the right hands. Another way that I thought of to get them out there was to ask friends to help out by taking 10 boxes and selling them to their co-workers and friends. Is this asking too much? Does anyone out there have any better ideas or connections.

Did you know that I accept commissions and the majority of the paintings you see here on my blog are painted from photographs? Did you know that 100% of the proceeds go to sweet Hailey’s Conductive Education? Can you help to get her there in October, maybe you know somewhere or work somewhere that will carry my greeting cards too? If so you can leave a comment below or email me harrold.janet@gmail.com


  1. I love the ducklings! I don't know much about marketing art, but your beach paintings would make lovely notecards as well.

  2. I read your article and you provide us a very well information and your work is very nice and amazing for all. I love the ducklings and I don't know much about marketing art. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your are doing a great work job they you are paying all your raised money directly to the Hailey's many therapies. Your collection is very nice i like your designs. I love to participate in your great work by purchasing your greeting cards.

  4. can you email me direct @ www.harrold.janet@gmail.com Thank you, i'm trying to find out more about your company