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Monday, July 11, 2011

Well...it's official

Well...it's official

Hailey is going to be a big sister! Oh, I guess that would make me Grammy again.

Though I am convinced that this is ultimately the best decision my son and Natalie have made for their family, I am also glad it was not my decision to make.

When Hailey was born with Cerebral Palsy our family had to learn a whole different way of life. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory, as if someone had knocked the wind out of us. We were shocked, we were scared we were in disbelief. We listened attentively at what the nurses and the team of specialists had to say. After performing an MRI the words I remembered most were "Hailey has severe brain damage" So because of this I have always been deeply divided on the pregnancy issue, that is why I am thankful it is not my decision to make. There are many times when things get tough, but should that be reason enough to not have another child? I think the answer to that question is no. Having a typically developing child will be healthy for their family as a whole. Tom and Natalie are loving and nurturing parents, I really have nothing to worry about. So why do I worry? I worry because adding a new life to the family will definitely effect the family in many ways, I worry that a new addition will get in the way of Haileys Conductive Education and other things that are important for Hailey.(Is that selfish of me)? I think the overall effect on Hailey will be a very positive one. I think about the fact that Hailey will probably need the help from a sibling later in life after her parents are gone, and I think what an important role a sibling will play in her life for many years between now and then.(is that wrong too)? Many children with siblings with special needs develop a maturity and tolerance that other children don't have. Because of this i'm sure he or she will be the best teacher, role model and advocate that Hailey can have.
The impact that Hailey will have on a new baby is also positive, I know she will just love having a baby sister or brother. She will teach her brother and/or sister how to be accepting of others, she will teach them how to smile because hers is so contagious, she will teach them patience, and most of all she will show them, just as she has shown us unconditional love. She is going to be the best big sister ever, I just know it! So i'm going to stop worrying now, embrace the moment and let myself be happy, because I know that Tom, Natalie and Hailey are happy and that is what matters most, so congratulations to my beautiful family! I love you all so much.


  1. Congratulations to you all.

    Janet you have described the situation so well here. Once more you prove to be the best sort of Grammy a child could wish for!

  2. In my years of teaching, I observed exactly what you describe: children with special siblings do often demonstrate an empathy and understanding far beyond their years. Congratulations to all the members of your family!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! Considering I first had two typicals along with my little guy with CP (an older sister and a twin) I didn't have to make the decision your son's family did, and I agree it would be a difficult one. BUT, because I do have those two other kids, I can say with confidence that they made the BEST decision. The love and respect and empathy I see between my kids is heart melting and is surely an amazing asset to all three of them. My best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy!