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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can your child be featured on this years Christmas cards?

I don’t know about you, but It would do my heart good to see a Christmas card that features children/people with disabilities. It’s all about raising awareness and I do that every chance I get.
But how are we going to do that you might ask. Easy... i’ll paint it! Then, i’ll make my painting into a card and have them to your door by December 1st just in time for you to send them along to your family and friends for the Holiday Season.The only problem is, I’m having a bit of trouble picking the perfect image, so i’m looking to the special needs community to send me images via email. If you have an awesome image that you think will make the perfect Christmas card for our special needs families, send it to harrold.janet@gmail.com If I decide to use your image, I will send you the original painting, a 16x 20 this is typically a $500.-$700. value, all rights to the image will remain mine and can not be duplicated or reproduced. Images must fit the following criteria: Only 2 images per email, (if I choose your image, I may also need you to send me a 4x6 image by snail mail) I am looking for something that any special needs family can relate to, an example would be an image of your child sitting in a wheelchair facing the
Christmas tree, admiring all of the beautiful lights, not a full frontal view, it may be best if you can’t exactly tell the gender or maybe this individual is in a walker standing in the snow among siblings making a snowman and totally included in the days festivities. I’m not exactly sure, I only know it should be rather general, something we can all relate to. We really don’t have much time for this project so start pulling out your family images of years past. The image below is a perfect example of what I am looking for, it is whimsical and fun without revealing the identities of this family, an element of surprise awaits them. This image would make a nice image for a fall greeting card, help me find the best image for a very special Christmas card .One that you would be proud to send to all of your family and friends. Deadline for photo submissions will be September 9th so don’t hesitate, Christmas will be here before you know it.
Oh, and I will post some of my favorite images on my new facebook page Painting for Hailey, so be sure to head over there and like my page. I will definitely be considering your votes!

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