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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Dance for Hailey

Recently a good friend of Natalie’s opened a dance studio Impact Dance Company Boston
Meghan and Natalie have been best friends for years. Ever since Hailey was born Meghan wanted to choreograph a dance and dedicate it to Hailey.
In June, Meghan had applied for a residency program, unfortunately she was denied. I thought I would post her good intentions anyway. As a way of thanking Meghan for her efforts and hoping that someone who reads this may be able to support such a beautiful effort.
IMPACT Dance company is a contemporary based dance company that strives for captivating audiences through emotion. The sole purpose of IMPACT is to initiate a change by bringing dance to the forefront and raising awareness. We want to raise awareness by magnifying what is not stereotypically accepted or touched upon as frequently as it should be. IMPACT Dance company wants to make a difference in our society by utilizing our art as a statement to educate and inspire.
What is your overall mission or dance philosophy?

Impact Dance company wants to truly make a difference by utilizing dance in every possible way we can. A few ideas the company has is to host motivational seminars and dance classes for elementary, middle and high school students, put on benefit performances, support local charities, and create pieces dedicated or inspired by certain topics, causes or diseases.
How would this program affect your company? What would this residency mean to you?
This program would give the company the opportunity to truly experience a life changing event personally, mentally and physically. This residency will give us the opportunity to fully commit and focus on the creation of a new piece. Personally this residency means I will finally have the freedom to create a piece that I have been wanting to create for the past five years. This piece is very personal and I did not want to commit to it unless I knew I could focus on it whole heartily and could train my dancers mentally and emotionally for the subject.
This piece has been a dream of mine since the birth of one of my closest friend’s daughter, Hailey. Due to complications at birth, Hailey was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. There are many emotions surrounding this topic from the outside point of view, but I want to travel deeper and showcase the story of Hailey, her family, and her parents. I want to live the emotional roller coaster their journey has brought them to, celebrate their triumphs, their failures, and their happiness all through what I know best, dance. Their story is truly inspirational and it needs to be told.
How long of a Residency would you need and why?
We would need four weeks to accomplish the tasks I am setting up with this piece. For the first couple of rehearsals I would invite Hailey and her family to come interact with the dancers. First, I would ask the parents to prepare what they would want to share about their journey. Explaining their day to day life, hospital visits, school trips and activities they do as a family. Secondly I would arrange an informative meeting where the dancers can ask in depth questions regarding emotions so they can find a way to connect while they begin movement with the piece. Lastly I want to have the opportunity to watch Hailey. By teaching her dance moves, and observing her and her mechanisms we would be using the way she crawls, sits, smiles, laughs, and plays to inspire movement we would incorporate into the piece.
How would you utilize the studio space?
The studio space sole purpose would be to create and establish the choreography inspired by Hailey. The first week will be dedicated to the process of meeting the family. The second week of rehearsal we will incorporate movement from Hailey, finding a medium between what our bodies can accomplish while showcasing what we learned or were inspired by. The last two weeks would be used to finalize choreography and finish the piece.
Do you have access to discounted rehearsal space elsewhere?
Currently we do have access to discounted rehearsal space. However the only setback is that the space is very small. I would be willing to utilize the space to save money, but I know myself and my dancers would love to be able to use a bigger space for the last week of the residency.
How do you plan to participate in the Community event? How does this connect with your company mission or experience?
For the community event Impact would like to host a movement workshop for children with Cerebral Palsy and other forms of debilitating sicknesses followed by a performance of the piece created with the residency. The community event would convey
Impact Dance company’s mission statement perfectly. This would give us an opportunity to reach out and connect to the Cerebral Palsy community, raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and perform with the intent to inspire and show support to the families of not just Cerebral Palsy children but also the families that have children with other debilitating sicknesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.
Meghan thank you from the bottom of my heart for being passionate about Hailey’s Dance. Good luck with your dance company and to all of your future endeavers.

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  1. What an awesome idea! Unfortunately, I have two left feet and so don't know many dancers. But I hope that someone comes along who can make Hailey's Dance a reality.