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Friday, June 29, 2012

To Natalie, Tommy and every other Special Needs Parent out there

Here's To You:
For becoming educated and learning just what your child needs. Then MAKING sure they get it!
For the many hours spent getting the necessary therapy your child needs.
For being your child's voice, so that they can be heard.
For being the BEST parents that a child can have.
For the late nights and endless hours scouring the internet for information, products and treatments.
For having the guts to try an alternative therapy and coming up with the money to do it when it is not covered by insurance.
For carrying your 40 pound child around even though your back is aching.
For constantly wiping the drool from your childs chin, so to keep it from getting chapped.
For ALWAYS putting your childs best interest first, even though you risk losing your job.
For the ability to make the right medical decisions.
For the dirty looks you receive when your child goes into sensory overload, or even when they just go to the playground.
For the never ending doctors appointments, and the armor you have to carry to get there.
For the equipment that IS necessary even if you have to fight the insurance for it.
For the humility and grace it takes to advocate for your child.
For feeling alone because no one really understands you.
For celebrating every accomplishment no matter how small.

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  1. Great photo, and very thought-provoking post. There are a lot of little things that go into taking care of a special needs child that most of never think about.