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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kudos to Exceptional Family T.V.

-I am a delicate flower...you are the sunshine that helps me grow copyright by Janet Lee Harrold
As many of my loyal readers know, I write occasional content for a site by the name of Exceptional Family T.V. EFTV is an online home destination for exceptional families worldwide. It is one of the best online resources I have found. It is a place where you can find useful information, you can learn first hand from other families who are raising children with special needs, and are living the same life and are on the same unfamiliar journey that we are on. The road of uncertainty and trial and error. We help each other, we cry with each other, we smile with each other and most of all, we learn from each other. That is why when Hailey was not feeling herself last week, I turned to my friends over at EFTV for advice. I mentioned on their facebook fan page that Hailey had been lethargic, she wasn’t eating, and she was downright cranky, not her usual self at all. It began to worry me a bit and I remembered the same thing happening last summer. I wondered if it was just the hot weather getting her down. So I posed the question to the 14,000+ friends who make up our special needs community on EFTV. “Does the heat affect your child with C.P.?” and within hours I had more than 27 people tell me that without a doubt, the extreme temperatures totally affect their children. I have to say that the education that we get from one another has been more informative and satisfying than anyone of Hailey’s team of Specialists. I learned that high temperatures, the combination of heat and fatigue can sometimes bring on seizure activities for kids who have C.P. and others cannot regulate their body temperature and have to wear cooling vests. Some kids just can’t cope in the heat, I learned about the benefits of coconut water for super hydration ( though i’m a bit skeptical about that one). Most parents told me they have learned to take precautionary measures and if the forecast says it is going to be above 72 degrees then they cancel any outside activities and stay in the air conditioning. Well, that would have been nice to know, sure wish the doctors would worn us about this stuff.

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  1. Janet,

    My clients, their parents, partners, carers and families, are always my best teachers and guides. I learn more from them than from any of the many books or papers that I read.

    Blogs like yours are invaluable to us all.

    Thank you!

    Susie Mallett

    PS On hot days I always know before they arrive that I must forget about a too strenuous workout for our school children.

    It is out with the buckets of cooling water for the feet while we eat, ice in facecloths to stroke on hot limbs during a lying programme and a relaxing last session of craft activities and games before home.

    Sometimes there is a hose or a paddling pool to cool down with too!