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Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The kind words of strangers"

After a very busy week at work, what better way to unwind than to have a sleepover with my favorite granddaughter, I know she is my only granddaughter but secretly she will always be my favorite, I know she will. This morning we went for our usual walk exploring the neighborhood, counting all of the cars, stopping at all the stop signs, smelling all the pretty flowers (o.k., o.k., so I let Hailey pick a few) today is Natalie’s birthday and she wanted to pick a few for her mom, what’s wrong with that? We listened to all the birds chirping and Hailey pointed them out to me each time they flew from the house to the tree’s. I decided to take her to the park up the street from my house. As we were walking by a bus stop a young boy about 10 or 11 years old was sitting on a bench with his dad waiting for the bus, as we casually strolled by the boy said “hi”, I stopped and told Hailey it was o.k. to say hi to him. Hailey smiled and didn’t say anything, the observant young boy asked if she was handicapped. I explained “she doesn’t talk and she doesn’t walk yet, but we are working very hard at helping her do that”, the young boy said you should bring her to Children’s Hospital, they will help her. I told him we do regularly go to Children’s and they are doing their very best to help Hailey. Not satisfied with that answer the boy continued to let me know that his younger brother didn’t speak well and they got him a tutor, and even suggested we do the same for Hailey, In a very persistent manner, I explained to him that Hailey has her own speech therapists and people who are working with her to help encourage her voice. Again, he was still not satisfied with my answer and urged his father to write down the name of the tutor that they used for his younger brother because he now can say juice and that is just one words that were difficult for him to say prior to the tutor, the father took out a pen and wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me, the proud young man said “call him, he will help her to talk I know he will”. I looked down at what the man wrote and it read. Sorry, I don’t know his name and number. I looked at the father and gave him a wink and I thanked the young boy who was so eager to help Hailey. As my day continued, I just couldn’t get the young boy’s sweet words out of my mind. What are some kind words that others have said to you that you will never forget.

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