A place to show my love for my granddaughter who lives with Cerebral Palsy and my passion for painting. In an effort of raising awareness for C.P. every painting brush stroke I make on raw canvas is a stroke of love, as I discretely paint a green C.P. awareness ribbon in every piece. Can you find them?
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Lifes A Beach"

Life’s a Beach

Since the summer has all but come to an end and Hailey will begin school on Wednesday we thought we would do something as a family and enjoy the outdoors while we could. As you may have guessed by the pictures, It was a beautiful day at Nahant Beach. The water was a bit too cold for Hailey’s liking though, we spent more time on the sand than in the water. After a few hours we decided to get something to eat. Hailey was so tired by the time our food came that she began falling asleep sitting in the chair. Her eyes closing every time Natalie put a bite to eat in her mouth. As the waitress began clearing our plates, (Hailey still fighting her sleep, eyes closed, head down, practically face down in her plate) The waitress says “will that be all”? Hailey picks her tired head up...she’s not going to miss this opportunity no matter how tired she is, and just as we taught her to ask the waitress for what she wants, she uses her sign language and asks the waitress for “ice-cream please”. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


  1. Hi there,
    Lovely to find your blog too and your beautiful Granddaughter Hailey. I will be really keen to follow Haileys progress and journey and hope she really enjoys school when she starts today ox Bron- Mum to cooper 5.5 Athetoid CP/HIE

  2. That's awesome Janet! That is really great progress!!!!