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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

kicking and splashing

Usually when I bring Hailey swimming she seems to be pretty happy to be in the water. She doesn’t move around as much as I hoped despite all of my efforts in engaging her in the water.
None the less, the warm water is so good for her tight muscles, and so we continue to go.
This week there was a crate of rubber duckies and fishies on one side of the pool. Hailey dipped her hand in the crate and pulled herself out a fish. We played with him and submerged him under the water until his belly was filled with chlorine. Then of course, we dumped the water on grammies head. Not only did Hailey think that this was funny, but she just loved kicking and swimming from one end of the pool to the other and when she was done letting the fish spit all over my head she would line them up next to each other on the wall of the pool, before I knew it, it was time to go and she had 6 ducks and 6 fish lined up in a row and the crate was empty. We had fun and made progress today, I just can’t wait until next week!


  1. wow Hailey how smart of you to line up the duckies! and I sorry Janet, but I think I would have laughed when she dumped water on you :)

  2. That is so wonderful that she's found something interesting like the duckies! Glad to hear that she did more moving around in the water this time.

  3. We have really large rubber duckies at Cedar Grove Gardens, she can have a leader duck that she can bring with her when you go!

  4. Thanks June, I think I am the leader duck hahaha.