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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lantern Festival

I just can’t get enough of quality time spent with my family. Last weekend was the Annual Lantern Festival, such a stress free beautiful night, my husband even skipped out of work for a couple hours and joined us this year. :) as thousands of people walked around the pond with their children dressed in their halloween costumes, proudly carrying their handmade lanterns made out of plastic bottles and tissue paper, with a candle to light the way. It felt like were taken back in time or in a fairytale. It was beautiful to look across the pond in the darkness and see all the lanterns lighting the way. Natalie did a great job helping the kids make them this year and Hailey loves to participate in arts and crafts projects, so it was a win, win for everyone. Her costume this year is a dragonfly, she picked it out herself. She also had quite a good time modeling it while her mother took some great pictures. She looks so animated in these shots, we are not sure if Hailey will walk, but it looks like she is going to fly.
Tell us your fun halloween stories.


  1. Oh she is just SO beautiful and happy! Sounds like a fun night!!!

  2. I love to see Hailey so happy!! Makes my heart smile.
    Sounds like a wonderful time spent together.
    Thanks for sharing the joy.

  3. The Lantern Festival sounds like a fantastic event. It should be adopted by more communities. Hailey's costume is adorable, and so is she.

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