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Monday, February 28, 2011

You've come along way baby!

Well, today I went with Natalie and Hailey to a Dr’s appointment at Children’s Hospital. Hailey has to have her hips x-rayed periodically to make sure that they are not being affected by the way she sits (W style) this is a common and comfortable position for kids with C.P. but it can dislocate their hips so the Doctors keep a close eye on her. I am very pleased to report that Hailey’s hips are perfect. I am also very pleased or rather amazed by Hailey’s behavior with the Doctors today. She let them do whatever they needed to do without a battle. She actually smiled for the camera (or should I say the x-ray machine) she watched silently and cooperated while they made a new cast for her legs, (she wears A.F.O.s to help her with ankle/leg support) she let the Doctor feel her spine and check her reflexes. All of this without a single peep out of her. I couldn’t believe it! Just last year I wrote a post about her screaming every time she went to the doctors. She would even scream when we pulled into the parking lot at the hospital. I have to admit, I never thought I would see this day with Hailey, ever! But, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. “Hailey never stops amazing me”

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  1. One of my children was a W-sitter, but no one warned us of the hazards of this position. Thankfully she never developed any orthopedic problems. Kudos to Hailey for being such a big girl at the doctor's!