A place to show my love for my granddaughter who lives with Cerebral Palsy and my passion for painting. In an effort of raising awareness for C.P. every painting brush stroke I make on raw canvas is a stroke of love, as I discretely paint a green C.P. awareness ribbon in every piece. Can you find them?
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hailey at Conductive Education!

This is only Hailey's 2nd day and she is doing soooo good at The Conductive Learning Center! Natalie gives me daily updates and pictures. Here is a video of her marching with both knees while sitting down. It definitely brought tears of joy to grammys eyes. I can't believe that she is finally there, we have wanted this for Hailey for a couple of years now and for all of you who have helped to make this possible, through donation, love and time. Thank you! xoxo


  1. Oh, Hailey is so beautiful! And she looks so happy there. I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to see more!!!

  2. Hi Beautiful precious and special Hailey! U are an amazing special brave courageous fighter and an inspirational hero. Your Grandma paints beautiful pictures.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and other special needs.

  3. She does look happy, and she is working hard. I hope she has a wonderful experience at the Conductive Learning Center.